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Lucy Tcherno Ivanenko was born in Mahon, Menorca, in 1985. In 2015 she was bestowed with the magick name Ivana Ray Singh.


She is a cultural agitator, musician, artist and DJ based in Barcelona, creator of A Love Supreme: platform and festival of Supreme Music

A permanent resident and member of Konvent art project, she’s also renowned for being the co-founder and co-director of Màgia Roja- cultural association and label- and concert venue and members only club: Màgia Roja H.Q. which she conceived and managed until March 2017. She has also been Production Manager and General Manager of Gràcia Territori Sonor and LEM International Experimental Music Festival, member of the Jury of the Luigi Russolo International Sound Art Award and Interpreter and Guest Relations Coordinator at In Edit International Music Documentary Festival, through her grassroots work as a promoter and manager for forward-thinking and risk-taking music projects such as Qa’a, Ordre Etern, Coàgul, Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten) & Huan and Macromassa among others, she began at the age of 20.

As an occult practitioner she also specializes in creating and guiding tailored rituals for therapeutic effect and personal development, Tarot and sigil-craft.

ARTIST CV                              



Amas: Duo with Maria Gata Santa founded in March 2018. Beat-driven noisy electronics, guided by vocals that invoke one’s highest self in the face of adversity, while banishing that which doesn’t belong. Amas Soundcloud.    Amas Bandcamp.    Amas Youtube.    Amas Instagram

DJ Selector:

She began DJ’ing as a member of Màgia Roja’s Resident DJ collective Comisarios de la Luz DJ’s in 2016 and has performed at international festivals such as Sónar (2018), BAM! (2018) and Woodland Gathering (UK, 2017) among others, in addition to being a regular in Barcelona’s varius music circuits from clubs such as Apolo or Freedonia to Institutional Events to underground DIY projects such as Meteoro or Pumarejo.

Her DJ sets move from sensual mistery, to shimmering lysergic dreams, through voodoo rhythms, energetic no-wave brass blasts, to alienated metallic synths and pounding scraping machine anthems, unearthing the links of an unbroken chain of timeless music which seeks to reconcile the light and dark within us all, in a fiery festive Sabbath. DJ Ivana Ray Singh Mixcloud.   DJ Ivana Ray Singh Youtube

Ritual, performance and Visual arts: 

Mural and canvas painting, incorporating sigilization techniques, influenced by Egyptian, occultist and alchemical iconography and feminist Philosophy.

Poimandres. Diffraction VS Reflection.    Conviction, mural collabo with LeonKa.    A Love Supreme sigil.     As is Above so Below, mural collabo with LeonKa.     A Love Supreme mural collabo with LeonKa and Kathy Ager

Rituals and performance art. Siempre tienes ancla en puerto seguro. Para lo que me queda en el Konvento, construyo con los que están dentro. Ah Red Una Ma Rus. Belief in Theory and in Practice. Threshold, p.a. I    Rubido, p.a.